Stamped Concrete Walls

Not only does stamped concrete applies to horizontal surfaces alone, but the vertical ones as well. Stamping of vertical walls with concrete began long ago in history; however, there is a difference with what we do nowadays. Our clients at Foxx Industries have access to various unique ideas that impose high decorative value on their homes.

Walls, whether indoor or outdoor, form a great part of our environment. The best way to appreciate them further is to ensure their quality and ultimate design. Stamped concrete walls are fast becoming the most popular idea around this.

With the new techniques and materials coming into the picture, there are so many super-designed walls of this nature.

Key ideas on stamped concrete walls

The following are some of the key areas where stamped concrete walls may apply.

  1. Chimneys and other Fireplaces

An assortment of stamped concretes can give your fireplaces a new look by covering all old surfaces. Many of us have these old bricks, plain drywall, or ceramic tiles at our fireplaces that are not attractive at all. A simple way to quickly change this look is by adapting the new stamped concrete wall technology.

At Foxx Industries, we have various materials selected by color and material shape that would most suit your preferences. With these quality services, you would be able to set up a beautiful fireplace and chimney as well.

  1. Retaining Walls, Accent Walls, and Exterior Walls

Walls made of bricks, ceramic, or simply drywall can always face a quick make-over to obtain a highly stunning look many would admire. Concrete stamping forms an overlay that introduces a natural appearance that compares to authentic stones. The application is all multipurpose; you can use it indoors and even outdoors ensure value addition to your property.

  1. Bathrooms and More

Another area you can apply the vertical stamped concrete wall is in bathrooms. In these areas, the overlay adds beauty and ultimate elegance, forming a high-end area for quality relaxing.

These and many more ideas are easily accessible among our fairly priced services. Foxx Industries is a well-established company you can always trust for quality work every day.

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