Stamped concrete Fire Pits

Best Stamped Concrete Fire Pits

As the backyard ideas and artistry is transforming, so are the elements involved. Firepits are a common detail within an outdoor environment that most homeowners chose to have in their backyards. Firepits offers a suitable environment for socialization while catching warmth. At Foxx Industries, our work usually makes such areas/ places more attractive and as convenient as possible for the users.

Through our technical team, Foxx Industries customarily build stamped concrete firepits of various designs per client’s preference terms. As a company, we prioritize quality and reputation, so we will always use top class material and high-level expertise to give you the decent firepit looks you want. See our samples below.

How we handle firepit building

Foxx Industries uses stamped concrete as a key material in our services – that includes stamped concrete firepits. This process involves quote makers, creative artists, and supervisors who always ensure quality, deadline compliance, and customer support.

First, we will assess your home’s landscape, note the surrounding theme, and develop the greatest firepits. Most firepits feature surrounding seating bases; yes, this will be part of it while handling your project.

Stamped concrete firepit ideas

The various stamped concrete firepit ideas always depend on material, pattern, and cost.

  1. Basing on the material– Most Firepits materials match those of the surrounding patio; however, this is never the rule of thumb. Many manipulations can be made, combining various materials to bring out the desired design. Some of the materials involved in this process include;
  • Bricks
  • Ashley slates
  • Random stones
  1. Basing Pattern – Firepits formation takes various patterns, including circle, rectangular, trapezium, etc. – to attain these designs, the materials are arranged in a special pattern.
  2. 3. Cost– The rule of thumb here is, the better the design, the higher its construction cost. When choosing the contractor, price consideration should count. At Foxx Industries, our priority is always quality.

NOTE: At Foxx Industries, we understand there are two types of fire pits; permanent and portable or freestanding. What we deal in are the permanent versions. The portable models are always purchasable and installed by placements.

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