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Expoxy is a refurbisher used to add more beauty to fading, worn-out, boring surfaces. Nowadays, many homemakers use it as a surface refinishing material to restore elegance in kitchen countertopsbathroom countertops, and floors.

Instead of epoxy, there are ready-made epoxy countertops that offer easy to install procedures. Typically, they are available in various designs, including shape and color, thus offering buyers in Ephrata multiple choices.

At Foxx Industries, our full kit for any of these exist at quite affordable rates. Our team is composed of experts dealing with the installation and maintenance of any epoxy countertop surfaces. Look at our catalog below and know your most preferred design for an insight into what we do.

Key advantages of epoxy countertops

So why should you consider epoxy countertops?

  • Epoxy offers a highly durable finishing resin
  • Infinite Design Potential
  • Seamless in color and pattern terms
  • Epoxy is non-toxic and food safe
  • High-Gloss Finish
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to clean

Another key reason why epoxy countertop may be the best alternative is affordability. Most of these countertops come with a Do-It-Yourself formula for installation.  

Design options for epoxy countertops

How we will lay your countertop will depend on the best pattern you need, plus where exactly you need it. Kitchen countertops, same as the bathroom, will differ based on color pattern and even size.

Epoxy countertops can always be indoor or outdoor types despite sharing common formulation. The best outdoor designs well match fireplaces. Most people chose seats made from epoxy for the outdoor arena as they are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Why Foxx Industries is the best epoxy countertop installers

Foxx Industries provide professional services on everything starting with installation to maintenance. We will assess your home environment to find the perfect matched countertop you need. Further on this is our highly artistic designs. Our team will help you choose the best color combination plus design that will match your surroundings.

Foxx Industries is quite dependable, owing to its quality customer support. In addition to this, we have fair rates that go hand-in-hand with quality work. Foxx also offers other alternative countertop installation such as glass tops, which equally gives a beautiful look.

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