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Best Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete for patio… have you come across this yet?  Well, this is among the latest outdoor ideas that you have got to embrace for beauty extravagance around your homestead! This time, forget about the typical gray concrete tiles, tarmac, or stone marbles around your veranda. Stamped concrete is the best formula for the most modern appearance that drags the needful elegance.

Foxx industries specializes in several stamped concrete services, patio included. We provide professional installation, maintenance, and replacement services that you might need. Our scope in this dimension covers every possible idea that matches your house, pool, and backyard entirely.

Best ideas Under Stamped Concrete For Patios

So, are you ready now to bring that uttermost beautiful look to your backyard? If so, here we have some of the best ideas that can match your preferences.

Stamped concrete materials come in various shapes, thus forming the different designs in their usage. The most typical of them include the following:

  • Bricks – The stamping of a patio to create the appearance of brick can sometimes draw in the traditional appearance; however, the arrangement pattern always matters. Still, these can mimic the traditional red brick patterns or the fancy herringbone design.
  • Ashlar Slate – If you do not like bricks, Ashlar Slate is another great solution. The idea uses a mixture of triangular-shaped stone patterns to bring up the cut stone, which is quite elegant. TIP: The best appearance of it always comes with various color combinations.
  • Random Stone – For those who may prefer the organic or natural appearances of stones, this may be the best idea for you. The pattern combines multiple stones randomly selected to bring out a quality design that excites the eye and adds a tone of a glamorous look.
  • Wood Stamped Concrete – This design involves concrete material created to resemble a wood deck. There are multiple patterns under this idea, and the best always comes with personal preferences of color and shapes. NB: Wood Stamped Concrete is a better alternative to ordinary wood floors since they last longer.


  1. Basing on color

In all instances, color is always among the key elements describing ‘best stamped concrete patio.’ We all have preferences when it comes to color. Fortunately, for those sensitive in matters of colors, our variations are numerous depending on the stamped concrete you are choosing. Some of these consist of the following;

  • Integral coloring for earth tones and pastels
  • Dry-shake color hardeners– they add more intensity to the color palette and improve their strength as well as density
  • Surface-applied color– this involves stain and dye applications to bring out desired color combinations

NOTE: At Foxx industries, we also offer patio upgrades, setting up borders, firepits, and fireplaces. Reach us today for a quote we offer on any of our services

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