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How much impression do you think a driveway gives to anyone that drives on it? Quite a lot, don’t you think?  Many people might not realize this. However, one simple way to wow everyone driving on your driveway is by adding only a little bit of a simple touch to it… a border. Lucky for those who trust Foxx Industries, they can now find stamped concrete border services and more.

Foxx industries, best stamped concrete border installers

Foxx Industries is a team of stamped concrete professionals with great reviews for their recommendable work. We will offer you fair rates and quality work for all your projects.

it is so easy to earn a polished look around your yard... install a decorative border along your driveways and walking paths. Apart from 'holding the end,' which many know as their primary use, these essentials inject a lot of beauty most people will love – this increases your property's value.

Fortunately, there are almost infinite design choices for stamped concrete borders. You can opt for various variations based on color and even material designs. Like any other combination, a border then gives your driveway a whole new and glorious look that will be admired by many.

Very popular  among the various choices are those involving the natural stone pattern. They come in earth stone grayish colors, blending well with many surroundings. Examples of these are the slate and fieldstones. Other very popular selections are the red/ russet-hued brick and cobblestone patterns.

Concrete stands out as one of the top builder's choices as it is highly durable and mostly resistant to rain/ water. The stamped concrete materials form complete resistance to water, wind, rust, and rough treatments. Another key advantage is that it never cracks to let pesky weeds grow in between.


Despite its advantages, stamped concrete border services are quite affordable. For those working on a fixed budget, this is always the best choice, as not even the material and installation costs are expensive.

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