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Stamped concrete works and epoxy flooring are among the latest venture for many who intend to make their home a more excellent center of attraction. If you are still using the old grey concrete to finish surfaces, it is high time to upgrade.

At Foxx Industries, we stand a better chance of quality installation and maintenance in any of this. Our high-tech services accommodate all versions of stamped concrete and epoxy facilities. Hire our concrete contractor for patio installation and maintenance in Ephrata.

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Top-quality stamped concrete and epoxy services that meet all budgets

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Countertop Epoxy Services

Among the modern flooring techniques available today, epoxy is one most recommendable for industries and commercial flooring. This involves applying an adhesive substance on a concrete floor to clear a smoother, highly durable floor. In that sense, therefore, it effectively supports heavy footwork and industrial movements.

Foxx Industries is one go-to company dealing in professional Epoxy flooring. We cover every detail from quotation making, installation, and maintenance.

Countertop Epoxy Services

Among the modern flooring techniques available today, epoxy is one most recommendable for industries and commercial flooring. This involves applying an adhesive substance on a concrete floor to clear a smoother, highly durable floor. In that sense, therefore, it effectively supports heavy footwork and industrial movements.

Foxx Industries is one go-to company dealing in professional Epoxy flooring. We cover every detail from quotation making, installation, and maintenance.

epoxy floor contractors
local flooring companies
best flooring company

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Jess Google Review

George was very nice and professional. He did a great job on my front sidewalk. I would highly recommend him to others and I plan to use him again for future projects.

Jerry Doolin Google Review

George was great from beginning to end. He was professional, took the time to explain the process of stamped concrete and followed up afterwards to ensure we were satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone requiring concrete work.

Jared Google Review

George is willing to do what the customer wants and knows what looks good. George is very easy to work with and does whatever it takes to get the work done.

Brenda M Google Review

I needed a patio installed at my house. I am so glad I had Foxx Industries do the job for me. The owner George Foxx was very friendly and professional. We went over exactly what I wanted and he and his crew followed through. From start to finish, George had communication with me. They did an excellent job and I am very pleased with my new patio. I would definitely recommend Foxx. Don’t go crazy looking for the right company because Foxx is it. You can go to the Foxx Industries Facebook page and view completed jobs. They do good work.

Zach Hellmann Google Review

George is very professional and friendly. He tore up our old patio and put stamped concrete down. We couldn't have asked for a better job. He did everything we asked and in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Foxx Industries!

Paul Dangleman Google Review

George did a great job with our patio. He was polite and easy to work with. He was able to meet our deadline so my wife and I were able to use the patio all summer! Thanks again! Would recommend to everyone!!

Gary Martin Google Review

I enjoyed working with George on my stamped concrete project. He did good quality work

Ashley Evans Google Review

Excellent Customer Service, precise poured concrete.

Jim Tolle Google Review

Did a great Job. Patio looks great!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of laying a stamped concrete varies depending on various factors, among which includes;

    • How much the materials sell
    • Labor cost in your local area
    • The design you chose for the installation

    These three fundamental factors yields the three-cost ranges, which includes;

    1. The basic-cost: This is the cheapest price range - it goes between $8-12 per square foot. It involves one stamp pattern and one color
    2. Mid-range cost: The average price here varies between $12-18 per square foot. It involves borders, contrasting patterns, and multiple colors.
    3. High-end cost: This is the most expensive package. It starts from $18+ per square foot to other higher rates. Its constituents include multiple stamp patterns and colors, detailed hand-coloring, and specialty scored designs.  

    Not at all. Many constructors find beauty and essentiality in the stamped concrete designs. With proper installation and maintenance, all stamped concrete, like the conventional ones, can always last for up to 25 years, sometimes even more.

    Stamped concrete gives a unique appearance, and depending on the design, it even offers more elegance around your home. Note that stamped concrete comes with multiple outdoor applications, walls, and floors that benefit from the tremendous appearance.

    Foxx Industries offers absolute expertise services on stamped concrete. We mostly deal in installation and maintenance services which so far have received a quality commendation. Reach us today, and let us bring a new beautiful look to your home.

    The installation cost of a stamped concrete patio varies based on several factors. Among these, we have the following; patio size, property condition, complexity of design, and new deck vs. existing patio. The prices always tend to change depending on the kind of details you want for your installation.

    An installation of 168 square feet of stamped concrete would attract the following average rates depending on the intricate complexities.

    • Basic: $1,344
    • Mid-Range: $2,016
    • High-End: $3,024

    Within these averages, there are rates per design one gets to choose;

    1. Plain design: This costs an average of $3-$6 per square foot. It involves no decorative finishes or colors
    2. Simple Design: Averagely cost $6-$10 per square foot. It includes one coloring/ decorative technique
    3. Custom Design: average cost is $10-$15 per square foot. It comprises two or three colors or a complementary border
    4. Elaborate Design: Averagely costs $15+ per square foot. It includes saw-cut designs, borders, and hand-applied coloring methods

    From materials to laying, pavers always tend to be more expensive. On an average basis, a square foot of stamped concrete goes for $1.50. For pavers, the cost usually differs depending on the type of stone you chose.

    Typically, a single paver brick costs between $0.50 to $5.00, and it is two of these that form a square foot. Secondly, if you go for flagstone pavers, the cost is even higher, $15 to $20 per square foot. When it comes to installation, stamped concrete tends to be cheaper considering the less demanding procedures involved than the pavers.

    Typically, the installation cost for a concrete driveway or patio ranges between $6 and $10 per square foot. On the other hand, that of paver ranges between $10 and $20 per square foot. Similar rates as well apply for pool decks and driveways constructions.

    Is sealing necessary for a stamped concrete? Absolutely yes. When left unsealed, the surface may suffer decoloration; color fading is typical under these circumstances. Another possibility is stains occurring, which will finally introduce ugliness.

    Proper seal for stamped concrete often offers these advantages—first, surface sealing guards against intense UV light, which may bring about fading, thus introducing ugliness.

    Foxx Industries has the best technologies and techniques for the installations and maintenance of your stamped concrete. We will always ensure you have a perfectly glowing surface that remains beautiful and intact. Regardless of your project's size, we will always have fair rates to accommodate your financial abilities.

    Do you want an easy way to create grand scenery outdoors? Stamped concrete is a quality option you can consider. The concrete offers beautiful, multi-dimensional patios and walkways that add value to your property as would bricks, pavers, and stones.

    Secondly and most important of all,  stamped concrete offers fulfilling longevity. It is approximated that adequately laid stamped concrete would last up to 25 years; however, with excellent management procedures, the years may extend further.

    One maintenance procedure that adds to its durability is sealing. At Foxx Industries, we have the best strategies on this, plus professionals who always promises the best.

    Epoxy countertops are one modern technology you can use to establish a quality-looking surface top. With multiple designs available, there is always a chance to mix and match these variations to develop the most elegant ones. The key advantages of these fantastic surfaces not only concern beauty but ultimate durability as well.

    The typical installation rates for Epoxy countertops are similar all over. Whether DIY or not, the average rates range between $100 - $200 per square foot.

    At Foxx Industries, we have a variety of epoxy countertops available in various designs. While some of these are easy to install on your own, you will mostly need an expert to help you handle the details. Remember, proper installations add on to longevity.

    The adaptation of epoxy countertops has been on the trend, with many people now using them to upgrade their kitchen and bathroom standards. All this is because of its unique design and, more so, affordability level. But how does this compare to its alternative granite?

    Same as epoxy, granite adds adamant elegance to surfaces owing to its naturally beautiful appearance that is quite appealing. The plus side granite offers is high durability levels; however, this is overlooked due to its porous properties. It is hard to clean, and it can be a host for bacteria from food strain that seeps into it.

    Besides a high cost of between $45 - $225 per square foot, granite always calls for high maintenance levels, attracting more money. Epoxy only goes at $45 per square foot and remains much more durable with little maintenance.

    No, epoxy is a special kind of resin that is highly resistant to scratches and other rough treatments. Out of its super excellent properties, epoxy material always offers a clear, durable concrete surface that advances the surface's overall look and presentation.

    The layering starts with an initial epoxy to avoid bubbling. Later a thicker coat is applied that gives the intended toughness and surface resistance. Most epoxy countertops serve best in shower rooms, kitchen, plus other outdoor sections of your home, such as around fire points.

    However much these surfaces may be anti-scratch, there is still a dire need to keep up the maintenance strategies. This will both maintain its good look and overall performance.

    One of the latest flooring strategies includes epoxy, which is mostly cheap and easy to install. The latest reports explain the installation cost variations pegging the reasons on the area to be covered, the design, and how much material is needed.

    Typically, the rates are as follows;

    $3 – $7 Per Square Foot, giving an average total of about $1,320 – $3,080 average total. How much more you will spend will also depend on the area you want to cover, local charges, and the floor's condition. For an existing base, the rates tend to be cheaper than for non-existence.

    At Foxx Industries, our rates remain pocket-friendly for anyone who prefers quality services near them. Contact us today for more information.

    Epoxy flooring has numerous advantages; however, it's never 100% what some would want. Some of the few negativities most people find on these flooring techniques includes the following;

    Slippery, especially when wet: The non-porous properties of an epoxy floor make it highly slippery and therefore not suitable for small children or the elderly who may not be stable in their movements.

    Long curing time: When installed, the epoxy floor takes up to 72-hours to dry and be ready for use. It may therefore cause inconveniences in some instances.

    Unpleasant fumes during installation: people installing these floor types must protect themselves from fumes emanating from an epoxy floor installation.

    Many reports already have it that epoxy floors are short-lived; however, this is not true. The primary critical factor contributing to how long these floors can last include maintenance and location. Over the years, we've known epoxy floors to last only 2 to 3 years; however, there is the same floors same design lasting for over ten years.

    The fact is, for the epoxy floor to last long, you must install it in a less traffic area or room. Secondly, epoxy floors are best for indoor installations; otherwise, the UV rays will never allow its long durability. Next is about maintenance. Epoxy floors always call for quality maintenance that starts with proper cleaning and repair when necessary.

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